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Student Version 2.0

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Peruse all the information you need on CSO’s Student Version 2.0 – from informational tutorials and documentation, to marketing kit samples and ideas for your users, to instructions and upgrade steps. Interested in making your site even more unique? Take advantage of color theme options in the Student Version 2.0!

Admin Resources

  • Read the highlight document to take at a quick glance at features of the Student Version 2.0.
  • Visually, the Student Version 2.0 student site is quite different, but the functions from the administrator’s side are the same. To explore more of these features as an administrator, please check out our informative tutorial!
  • Ready to see what your site will look like with these changes? Please feel free to visit your preview site to learn how to view your own!
  • When you upgrade to the Student Version 2.0 you will also get the mobile version! Make sure to send us a logo with the following specifications so that your mobile site login page will be branded just for your office – 175×80 pixels. Review the mobile version highlight document to see screenshots of this feature.
  • If you would like to update your banner to accommodate the Student Version 2.0, our latest specifications are as follows:
The maximum banner width is 1020 pixels
The recommended banner height is 150 pixels
If you would like the banner to contain clickable links, please specify what text you would like to be clickable and what  web address you would like it to go to (such as your career center website).

Student Resources

  • Wondering how to prepare your students? We highly recommend creating a marketing strategy that will prepare your students for the new look and feel to your system. To help you develop your own marketing strategy we created a marketing kit with sample documents and great email templates.
  • We posted a short demo video of the features just for students on YouTube. Please feel free to refer your students to our student-based video.