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Stability Updates >

As a reminder, the CSO System will continue to be supported and enhanced through the summer of 2018 at minimum. With this in mind, we just released a number of improvements to the CSO System including:

Free Add-ons >

Enhance your system with a variety of free options! Learn more about these features* and the ways in which they can streamline and improve your operations.

*Certain features are not available in all systems. If you have questions about which features your system includes, email us.

Fee-Based Add-ons >

Explore system additions and upgrades that are available for a one-time or recurring fee. Click on the links below to learn more about each add-on*, including pricing and how to get started!

*Certain add-ons are not available in all systems. If you have questions about which add-ons are available for your system, email us.

Partnerships >

We have developed partnerships with leading organizations that provide valuable career search and exploration features in order to help you expand and improve the services you offer. We’ve worked hard to forge partnerships that allow you to integrate a variety of services in your CSO System to create a simple, one-stop shop for valuable career-related resources.

New Features >

Enhance and extend your employer outreach efforts with a direct connection to the GradLeaders Recruiting platform and receive student-specific and degree-appropriate jobs from the GradLeaders Recruiting network of employers.