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Branding allows your users to identify your office and services as a cohesive brand. The best place to start is with the branding of your CSO System banner.

Ready to brand your CSO System? We have the information, samples and tips you need to brand your system for that one-stop-shop feel!

The CSO System banner appears at the top of every page as your users navigate the system. Your banner can be customized and branded so that users feel like your CSO System is a natural extension of your office website. Here are tips, ideas and examples from seasoned CSO users on creating a winning banner!

Name your system – Thinking of a system name can be fun, but challenging. Explore all options, from general system names like Job Connect or CareerConnections, to school-specific names that could incorporate your mascot or school symbol with names like CareersForCardinals or JaguarJobs. Try methods such as a student contest to submit new system name suggestions, or a focus group to provide feedback on names your office is considering. Once you select a system name, you’ll use it everywhere you refer to your system, so think carefully about a name that will be both unique and easy to remember.

Stay connected – Use links! Make your banner interactive by including links to your Career Center website, social media outlets, or other user login pages. Links help keep your CSO System and office website within a click of one another.

How should I format my banner?

Accepted file types: .jpg, .gif or .bmp
Height: no limit, but we recommend 150 pixels
Width: max width of 1020 pixels, with a 1 pixel repeatable section (see below)

Banner Width (illustrations not to scale)

Since our banners need to fit different screen sizes, they are not a fixed width. They must have a 1 pixel wide section that is repeatable so that the banner can stretch without distorting. The total width must be 1020 pixels or less.

CSO System banner - width

This 1 pixel wide section can be on either end of the banner or in the middle.

CSO System banner - repeating section

The repeating section needs to be a solid color or simple gradient, not an image or design.

CSO System banner - examples

To update your banner:

  • Email (new clients working with Implementation Managers, email your Implementation Manger)
  • Send us a single image with a note explaining where the repeating section should be
  • Include which text/images within the banner (if any) should be clickable and what URL they should point to (such as your career center website)


Want to change the color scheme in your CSO System? Now you can! Seven free themes are available to apply to your site today! Below are examples of each theme, along with instructions for applying a new theme to your CSO System.

*Please Note: You must already have upgraded to the Student Version 2.0 to apply these themes. For information about the Student Version 2.0 and instructions for scheduling your upgrade, click here.

Applying Themes

Before you begin:

  • There is no preview mode. Once the setting has been updated, the theme will be live.
  • Don’t worry; if you don’t like the theme you selected, you can always apply a different theme.
  • Themes are only available in the Student Version 2.0.

Follow these simple steps!

  • Login as an administrator
  • Navigate to Tools > Setup > Settings
  • Find the setting named “System – Site Theme” (near the bottom of the page) and click [Edit]
  • Select the theme name you want to enable from the drop-down list
  • Select theme from the drop-down list
  • Click [Update]
  • Click the Refresh button at the top of the page
  • Logout as an administrator and login as a student. You should now see your new system theme!

Troubleshooting Tips

If after you’ve logged in as a student you do not see your new theme, try the following:

  • Refresh your browser window by clicking your browser’s refresh icon (the circling arrow icon at the top of your page)
  • Refresh your browser’s cache by pressing Ctrl+F5
  • Navigate back to your administrator page and click the “Refresh” button found at the top of Tools>Setup>Settings

How will students and employers find your CSO site?

Links or Buttons – You may choose to post links or buttons on your Career Services website to direct students to your login pages. If you don’t know your login page URLs, they will be in the following format, just insert your customized site id!

Students –
Employers –
Admins –
Faculty –
Mentor –

Logo for mobile version

In order to have your logo appear in the mobile version in place of the CSO logo, send the logo of your choice in the following dimensions – 175×80 pixels – to

Integrating social media for a cohesive experience

Make your CSO site a one-stop-shop by adding your social media outlet links right on your user’s home page. Click here to get started.

Updating your login pages

Memos are informational and instructional text throughout the system that can be customized in the setup portion of your site. Many of the memos have default text; however, even if you plan to maintain default memo text, CSO highly recommends memo customization on login pages to create a custom experience for your users as they first enter your system.

Steps to Update your Login Page Memos:

  • Login as an Administrator with Supervisor Access
  • Navigate to Tools>Setup>Memos
  • Choose the Role labeled All
  • Find and click on the login page you want to update under Memo (Student Login Page, Contact Login Page, Mentor Login Page, Faculty Login Page, Admin Login Page)
  • Update the text in the message box.
  • Click Save.
  • Click Refresh