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Do you need help getting the word our to employers about your CSO System and the services you offer? Here are some examples of employer-targeted marketing that convey valuable information about your CSO System and the ways in which it can enhance their hiring efforts on your campus.

Virtual communication

Send an pre-announcement email to let your employers know that you will be moving to a new system! It’s recommended that you send an email one month (or more) in advance of your system’s launch date, in order to notify employers about what to expect in the transition to your new CSO System.

Send an announcement email to let your employers know you have made the move to a new system! It’s recommended that you send an email on (or close to) the launch date announcing your new CSO System and providing employers with basic instructions and access information.

Include the link to your CSO System in your email signature. Your email signature can serve as valuable marketing space – consider including not only standard contact information and your CSO System link, but also concise information about services your provide, or key details of upcoming events.

Traditional communication

Put out a press release to introduce your new CSO System!

Create items such as office business cards or magnets that feature your office contact information and CSO site information to distribute to employers.

Instructional communication

Create employer user guides for your unique CSO System! Create a quick one-page user guide on basic functions (how to login, register and post a job) or create a longer, more extensive user guide that includes information on conducting on-campus interview schedules, registering for career events and more.

Tip! Use free software such as Jing to take screenshots for user guides and create quick step-by-step videos for your employers.

Create PowerPoint presentations that clearly illustrate the steps involved in key employer functions such as posting jobs, requesting interview, registering for events and more! Share PowerPoint presentations at employer events, and store them in your CSO System library for easy 24/7 access by employers.