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Do you need to get the word out to students about your CSO System? Student-targeted marketing can be most effective when it’s fun and creative! Try some of these ideas to attract your students to the valuable services you offer to help them on the path to a successful future!

Virtual communication

Send an pre-announcement email to let your students know you will be moving to a new system! It’s recommended that you send an email one month (or more) in advance of your system’s launch date, in order to notify students about what to expect in the transition to your new system.

Send an announcement email to let your students know you have made the move to a new system! It’s recommended that you send an email on (or close to) the launch date announcing your new CSO System and providing students with basic instructions and access information.

Use social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube to get the word out! Use the system’s “Post to Facebook” function to easily share jobs and event information on your Facebook page. Start a Twitter account for your office to post updates on office events and activities! Create a group on LinkedIn for your Career Services office. Put together a fun video on YouTube to introduce your office’s staff and services or to promote a career event.

Include the link to your CSO System in your email signature. Your email signature can serve as valuable marketing space – consider including not only standard contact information and your CSO System link, but also concise information about services you provide, or key details of upcoming events.

Traditional communication

Put out a press release to introduce your new CSO System!

Create flyers to pass out and post around campus. Even in the age of online communication, flyers can provide your students with tangible, concise reminders about your services and events! To stay environmentally friendly, use recycled materials when possible and consider half- or quarter-page formats.

Create items such as office business cards or magnets that feature your office contact information and CSO site information to distribute to students.

Instructional communication

Create student user guides for your unique CSO System! Create a quick one-page user guide on basic functions (how to login, register and search for jobs) or create a longer, more extensive user guide that includes information on features such as on-campus interview schedules, career events, appointment scheduling and more.

Tip! Use free software such as Jing to take screenshots for user guides and create quick step-by-step videos for your students.

Hold events/workshops to help your students learn how to use your CSO System effectively! Create PowerPoint presentations that clearly illustrate the steps involved in key student functions such as searching jobs, signing up for interviews, registering for events, and more! Store PowerPoint presentations in your CSO System Resource Library for easy 24/7 access by students.

Creative communication

Provide a live chat, instant messaging option for your students where they can ask for career-related advice, pose questions about their CSO System account, and make any other inquiries they may have. Schools that offer live chat often define specific hours during which this service is available.

Tip! CSO clients utilize live chat vendors such as Velaro and place the icon for live chat both within their CSO System (often in the banner) and their Career Services website.

Use sidewalk chalk outside of your building to catch the eyes of passing students. Share information about upcoming events, your office’s location on campus, or even inspiring quotes!

Host an event or hold a contest to get students involved in the naming of your site and/or creation of a logo! Make it fun by including prizes such as gift certificates, tickets to school sporting events, or big-ticket items like iPods.

Use colorful window paint on office windows to let students easily see where you are located.