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GradLeaders Career Center

What you need to know about the new career service platform from GradLeaders!

The GradLeaders Career Center platform is a rebrand of the legacy MBA Focus GTS career service software platform used by hundreds of career centers over the past decade. As part of our Gap Analysis Project in 2015, we discovered that 80% of the functionality between GTS and the CSO System was consistent. After two years, we’ve added 84 new “gap features” to GradLeaders Career Center. These new features not only expands on the same stable platform used by graduate business schools for years, but also now includes the all-new, responsively designed, mobile user interface for students.

More than 100 schools have already taken advantage of this opportunity to upgrade from their CSO System solution to the industry’s most robust, modern career service platform! For more information on how to upgrade or to get started please visit

CSO System to GradLeaders Career Center Migration Process and Timeline

Let our innovative data migration tool transfer your data while we guide you through the migration with step-by-step training and a weekly agenda:

  • Before Your Start Date: GradLeaders Prep
    – Your GradLeaders Career Center will be created from our model system
  • Administrator Training
    – Watch videos
    – Verify customizations
    – Weekly Q&A calls with your Implementation Manager
  • Data Import & Review
    – Data imported from your CSO System to GradLeaders Career Center
    – Imports will be mapped and completed by your Implementation Manager
    – Review imported data
    – Review specified modules and request recommendations
  • Target Launch Date: Go Live!
    – Final import of items created since initial import
    – Launch your new GradLeaders Career Center platform
    – Notify new users of new login URLs
    – CSO System login pages disabled and updated to direct users to new login pages

Before you get started, read our Dos and Don’ts for the Migration Process and What You Need to Know Before Migrating.

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Why Upgrade?

This stable and secure system makes it even easier to manage your career center, with enhancements to existing features and access to all new functionality. GradLeaders is committed to making your transition from your CSO System to GradLeaders Career Center as smooth as possible. By upgrading, you not only get access to a more modern, stable, and feature-rich career services solution but also get access to resources unavailable within your current CSO System, including:

  • Responsive design for mobile devices
  • Calendar integration enables syncing with events on Google, Exchange and Office365 calendars
  • Candidate & student photos make recognition of students within the CRM easy
  • New data exploration & labor insights tools for advanced reporting
  • Appointment & mock interview scheduling for agenda coordination and insight into who’s available
  • Enhanced event payment manager and credit card processing tools for career fairs and other events
  • Student Scorecard gamifies the career services experience to drive engagement
  • Advising relationship management so you can track interactions with students and employers
  • Peer-to-peer advising allows upper-level students to mentor new students
  • Career Tracker™ helps manage job search activities and to-do lists
  • LinkedIn integration allows students to sync their profile with LinkedIn for advisor review
  • Enhanced GradLeaders Recruiting database inclusion increases visibility of your students to leading employers actively searching for job-seeking candidates in our database
  • Enhanced MultiPost™ job network integration grants access to targeted jobs from top employers for your job-seeking candidates
  • First-Destination Survey and advanced employment reporting tools to collect and track customized outcomes information
  • Offer comparison tool helps users research compensation based on a variety of parameters
  • Custom resume books to target companies with specific sets of job-seeking candidates

Download the list of What’s New in GradLeaders Career Center

Although 95% of the functionality is the same between the two robust platforms, there are some differences in how you accomplish certain tasks. After migrating, If you’re not sure how do to something in your new GradLeaders Career Center platform we’ve created a handy side-by-side comparison chart so you can easily view how you did it in your CSO System vs how you do it in GradLeaders Career Center (and what it’s called).

Download the CSO vs GradLeaders Career Center comparison: New Name, Same Result