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New Features

In addition to our CSO System Stability Updates that will increase your office’s efficiency, we are also releasing a few new features that will immediately increase student engagement with your office and improve employment outcomes at your school. These new features will increase your students’ visibility to potential employers and allow student-specific and degree-appropriate jobs to flow directly into your CSO System job board:

Partner Job Feeds

In our continued effort to help millions of students find their dream job by providing student recruitment technology and career services expertise to universities and career centers, we’ve released an update to our Partner Job Feed Integration.

Now, students will be able to quickly search for their dream job using the GradLeaders Career Center Mobile App.

This is an enhancement to our “Partner Job Feed” feature released in December, which offers an all-new way for your students to find their dream job with a “Partner Jobs” tab alongside their main career center job board. Students can search and filter pre-approved jobs from Monster® College Recruiter and ZipRecruiter® right from their phone.

The “Partner Jobs Feed” feature will continue to:

  • Increase student engagement with your office by providing a single location for all job search activities right from a student’s smart phone with the new app or within the CSO System
  • Increase employment outcomes – all jobs will first be automatically filtered by GradLeaders to only display college student appropriate and degree required opportunities
  • Save you time – there is nothing our school admin users need to do once it is turned on

Version 1.0 of this app includes the basic external job search tools but check back often for future updates which may include additional jobs posted directly to GradLeaders Career Center partner schools as well as additional career development functionality.

For more information, please contact your CRM or download additional materials below:

Partner Job Feed Overview for Admins | Get Started Guide for Admins | Partner Job Feed Overview for Candidates | QuickStart Guide for Candidates

GradLeaders Recruiting Database Inclusion

We know you want your students to have access to as many opportunities as possible, but that it’s critically important for students to have control over how they can be viewed and contacted by employers. With that in mind, we are launching a new GradLeaders Recruiting Database Inclusion feature, that will make it even easier for your students to be offered jobs from our trusted corporate partners who have been approved to access the GradLeaders Recruiting database.


  • GradLeaders Recruiting is used by the world’s leading employers to proactively find right-fit students for their unique opportunities
  • Trusted recruiters within our closed network gain access to your students’ profile data and approved resumes
  • Give your students more opportunities to be found and hired by relevant employers

This new feature will:

  • provide your students with a simple one-click process that allows them to opt-out
  • make it even easier for your students to share their job-seeker profile and career services-approved resume with these trusted recruiters
  • give your students complete control so you can feel confident that your students have the ability to expand their visibility to employers at their own discretion

How? It’s easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Contact your Customer Relationship Manager to make sure the GradLeaders Recruiting Database Inclusion feature is turned on for your students.
  2. Discuss with your team any additional student waiver language you would like added and submit a tech request.
  3. Encourage career service registration to all students actively or passively seeking internships or full-time opportunities. Communicate with students about the benefits of inclusion in the GradLeaders Recruiting database and encourage them to opt-in to increase their visibility to top employers.

Download PDFs to share with your team or job-seeking students:

GradLeaders Recruiting Database Inclusion for Candidates | Quick Start Guide for Candidates | Get Started Guide for Admins

MultiPostTM Job Distribution Network

We are also launching a new feature, MultiPost Job Network Integration, that will allow student-specific and degree-appropriate jobs to flow directly into your CSO System job board.

What does this mean for you? More relevant, appropriate jobs for your school and students will flow into your job board.


  • More job and internship opportunities for your students
  • Targeted jobs flow directly into your school branded job board (after you approve them)
  • Provides recruiters with the convenience of posting a job once and distributing it to any group of school partner sites
  • Retain control over which jobs and employers are available to students.

Your school’s jobs and contacts are yours – using the new MultiPost Job Network Integration won’t change that; you can still manage and control your school’s jobs and contacts. The CSO System (and GradLeaders Career Center) are private, secure databases of your contacts and data. This information is not shared among our network of schools.

Here are the other key things you need to know:

  • TARGETED – The technology allows recruiters to target specific schools by name or region, ensuring that jobs are specifically intended for YOUR students.
  • FILTERED – We’ve built innovative technology called MultiPost Target Degree Matching that automatically filters the list of selectable schools based on the type of job the employer is posting. This ensures that recruiters can’t send a nursing job to an art school or an aerospace engineering job to a business school.
  • REVIEWED AND APPROVED – All jobs will be reviewed and approved by our team BEFORE being distributed to the selected schools.
  • YOU APPROVE OR DECLINE – Of course, you will be able to approve or decline these jobs before they appear in front of your students as well – but with our new targeting, filtering, reviewing and approving, we’re confident you’ll want to approve most jobs you receive.
  • CLOSED NETWORK WITH A SCHOOL-BRANDED PLATFORM – Unlike some other vendors, GradLeaders offers a closed network and the GradLeaders Career Center platform is branded to your school to ensure that your school’s brand identity is clearly visible to your students and employers and the YOU ultimately get the credit for placing YOUR STUDENTS in THEIR DREAM JOBS.

How? It’s easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Contact your Customer Relationship Manager to make sure the MultiPostTM Jobs Distribution Network feature is turned on for your system.
  2. Review and approve MultiPostTM jobs as they come into your pending queue.
  3. Give your students access to more diverse opportunities intended specifically for them.

Download PDFs to share with your team or job-seeking students:

MultiPostTM Job Distribution Network for Candidates | Quick Start Guide for CandidatesGet Started Guide for Admins