Client Services

Fee-Based Add-ons

Below are descriptions of fee-based additions and upgrades.* To find out more about having any of these add-ons activated in your system and the one-time or recurring fees that will apply, contact support.

*Certain add-ons are not available in all systems. If you have questions about which add-ons are available for your system, email us.

Automated Data Feed

Generate automatic reports that create RSS and XML data feeds for use on your main office website or to transfer reports to an sFTP site for use in other systems.

RSS feeds can be used to create newsfeeds on your career services website. (For example, a newsfeed featuring the new jobs posted in your CSO System.) The ability to transfer reports to a client’s sFTP site can be used to import data into another system. (For example, importing data into PeopleSoft or Banner.)

Check-In (Student Card Swipe)

Allow students to check in for events, career fairs, interviews and advising appointments by swiping their student ID card.

This module is extremely helpful in tracking student activity. Here’s how it works: A student visits the career center and walks up to a computer kiosk that you have setup. The student swipes their Student ID card (card swipe technology purchased separately) and the system will prompt the student to select the type of visit/service. Visit types can include counseling appointments, workshops, interviews, and use of office facilities including job bank, resource library, etc. The visit type list will reflect the services you offer to your students. The data is associated with the student record and stored in the system for reporting purposes.


Automate management of your co-op and internship program, including full timeline management, an approval process with up to 10 eSignature approval levels for learning agreements and related documents, as well as automated mid-term and final student/employer evaluations.

Specifically created for the purpose of automating Co-op and Internship programs in academic institutions, this module saves time by automating both the learning agreement and student/employer evaluation processes. The system automatically prompts and reminds the involved parties throughout these processes. In addition to streamlining your processes, CSO Co-op/Intern allows you to track key elements of the program at a glance – from which students have applied for co-op/intern positions, to which students have been hired, to the status of existing co-op/intern experiences.

Credit Card Processing

If you charge to post jobs and/or attend events, this add-on provides your users with the convenience of an online payment option.

Data Imports/Uploads

Upload new/updated data (student, employer, employer contact, job posting, faculty, mentor and administrator), documents, co-op/internship records and other data as necessary.

Enterprise (Multi-Office)

Allow administrators from multiple offices/colleges to share one system while providing end-users (students, employers, mentors, and faculty) with an experience unique to the office/college that primarily or solely serves them.

LDAP Authentication Integration

Allow all users to login to your site using LDAP user authentication. LDAP requires student data upload and assistance from your campus IT staff.

Schedules (On-Campus Interviews)

Schedule, manage and track on-campus interviewing by employers. Offer employers the ability to submit interview requests, reserve interview rooms, review and select candidates to interview, and report outcomes – all online!

Shibboleth Authentication Integration

Allow all users to login to your site using Shibboleth user authentication. Shibboleth does NOT require student data upload, but does require that your campus utilize Shibboleth and that your campus IT staff can provide assistance.

To determine if this is the case, you should contact your IT department. The Shibboleth integration allows for the creation and update of student data in the CSO System based on data attributes passed during the Shibboleth interaction. Shibboleth provides a secure and standardized structure for the passing of data in a single sign-on scenario. For more information about Shibboleth, follow the link:

Student Employment

Upload student Federal Work-Study (FWS) awards and payroll to allow students to view current balances online. Generate FISAP reports in the Work-Study and JLD section.

Training Site

A training site is an exact copy of your CSO system with a subset of your data, or free of data if you prefer, that can be used to allow current and future staff to get comfortable with the system during the training process without putting actual data at risk. The system can also be used to test user-based configurations before making the actual changes in your production system, and can be refreshed periodically if desired.