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Events (13)

Can I create a new Event Type?

No, the system has certain set Event Types that cannot be renamed or added to. The event type field is only visible to admins, so your Students and Employers will not be able to view this field. If you would like to add more customized options for your site, use the Event Category field as these codes are visible and searchable by Students and Employers

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Appointments (9)

How do I start using the Appointment Scheduler?

The Appointment Scheduler has a number of setup requirements therefore we recommend you contact our support team to get started. In general, the Appointment Scheduler tool requires you to create Appointment Types, setup Administrator Availability, and setup Administrator Unavailability.

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Student Version 2.0 (6)

How do I upgrade to Student Version 2.0?

It is very easy to update to the latest version of the Student face! Please contact support team to schedule an upgrade time and for more information.

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Check-In Add-on (17)

How do I add check-in to my site?

The Check-In Module is an add-on feature and therefore has an associated license fee. Please contact our sales team for pricing information or to schedule a demo.

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Employers and Contacts (7)

Can Employer Contacts opt in or out of the Employer directory for Students?

Yes, Employer Contacts are able to decide if they wish to be included in the Employer Directory for Students. There is a field in both the Employer and Contact profiles that will allow the Employer Contact to choose whether they want their company information and/or their personal information visible in the Employer directory for Students. To hide either the Organization or Contact’s information from the Employer Directory, simply set the corresponding “Include in Employer Directory” field to No.

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Co-op/Intern Add-on (9)

Co-op/Intern evaluations are not sending

There are several things that could have prevented your co-op/intern evaluations from sending- check the options listed below:

  • Navigate to the co-op/intern record and make sure that an evaluation survey is selected in the Evaluation section of the record.
  • In the Evaluation section of the co-op/Internship record ensure that a Start and End date for the evaluation have been set and that that date is correct.
  • Ensure that you have a Contact linked to the co-op/intern record and that both the linked Contact and Student have valid email addresses.



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Custom Reports (2)

I ran a report, but I’d like to format it. Is this possible?

Yes! Any report that you run in the system can be turned into a custom report. Custom reports allow you to stylize and organize your data. To create a custom report, simply save your report, then navigate to Tools > Reports > Report Search. Find the report you’d like to customize and then on the left-hand navigation, click on “Custom Report”. For more information on setting up custom reports, please contact our support team.

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CPP Assessments (5)

Is there an integrated assessments option in the system?

Yes, Students are able to take both Myer Briggs and Strong Inventory assessments through your CSO system. The Assessments Module is an add-on to your site and therefore does have an associated license fee. If you are interested in learning more about the Assessments Module, please contact our sales team at for pricing information or to schedule a demo!

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Firewall Upload (4)

How do I limit which Students are able to create accounts in the CSO System?

The Firewall is a great way to control which Students are able to create accounts in your system. Essentially the firewall allows you to upload a list of Students approved to register in your system. Any time a new Student tries to register in your site, your system will check your firewall list to make sure that the new Student should be granted access to register. Your firewall will check whether a Student’s Student ID matches the ID that you uploaded in your approved list.

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Mass Email (7)

Can I personalize mass emails with merge fields?

Yes, you are able to personalize mass emails with merge fields. To get started, begin creating a new mass email from Tools>Mass Email>New Mass Email. After you identify your mass email type and select your criteria for your new mass email, you will be asked “Would you like to add merge fields into the email.” Select the “Yes” radio button and click the Proceed button to go on to customize your email with merge fields. The next screen shows all of the possible merge fields that can be added to your mass email. Simply check those you wish to use (remember to utilize the “Database from which to add Mass Email Criteria field) and press continue. On your final setup page of the Mass Email tool you will see a box to the right of your screen labeled Merge fields. To insert your Merge fields into your mass email, you should copy the text within the box and paste that text into the area of your message that you wish for that merge field to appear.

Note: The merge fields must be copied from the Merge Field box and pasted into your email’s message!

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Record Merge (6)

How can I download the sample excel file?

Sample record merge files are available in your site. To download a sample record merge file, head to Tools> Record Merge. Once here click the type of record merge you’d like to create in the list to the left of the page. After you’ve selected the type of record merge, look towards the middle of your page for the “Download Sample Merge Data” heading. Click the excel file icon to the right of this heading.

As you try downloading your sample excel file, your computer may block the download. To avoid having your file blocked, hold control as you click the excel icon and hold control until the excel file fully opens.

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Resource Library (5)

Is there a way to know if users are looking at my resources in the Resource Library?

Yes! The resource library will actually count the number of times each of your resources has been viewed. To see your document view counter, head to Tools > Resource Library> Click on your resource to view it in> and then Click [Edit] to see the number of users that have viewed your resource. You can reset the counter in this area as well.

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Resume Books (7)

How do I specify which Students appear in a resume book?

As you create resume books, you are able to set criteria to control which Students will appear in each book. For example, if you want a resume book that lists all accounting majors, select Accounting for the Major field as a criteria. When the book is viewed, it will display the resumes of only those Student marked with Accounting as their major!

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Administrators (8)

How do I create a new Administrator account?

New Administrator accounts may only be created other system administrators that have Supervisor (or the highest level) of access to the system. To create a new Administrator account, head to Databases > Admin > New. Once here, complete the required fields making sure to assign the administrator a Username and Password. After saving the initial account form, you must head to the Control Information section of the Administrator’s account and assign the appropriate Access Level and Status.

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Announcements (4)

What is an announcement?

Announcements are customizable messages which appear on the home screen of your system. Announcement messages can be targeted to specific user types and can be set to activate and inactivate on specified dates. To help catch the eye of your users, announcements also allow HTML formatting.


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Calendar (8)

Can I sync my CSO calendar with my Outlook calendar?

Yes, there are two ways to sync your CSO calendar with your Outlook calendar. To export CSO appointments one-by-one, simply click the orange Outlook icon on the bottom right of your CSO appointments. The orange Outlook icon is visible when you are viewing your appointments from your CSO calendar. To view all entries on your CSO calendar, use the quick link “Calendar” icon in your left navigation pane. To view just your appointment scheduler entries, navigate to “My Profile” from your top navigation bar and click the “View Appointment Calendar” option in the left Page Functions menu.

If your office is interested in automatically syncing all of your CSO appointments with your Outlook calendar, consider our Automatic Outlook Sync function. The Automatic Outlook Sync requires a one time setup which allows CSO appointments to flow directly into your Outlook calendar. The Automatic Outlook Sync is a small additional fee. For more information on this function, please contact our sales team.

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Documents (10)

What documents can Students upload into the CSO System?

The document categories Students are able to upload to are customizable. By default, there are sections for Resumes and Cover Letters to be uploaded into a Student’s profile, but you can create any number of new custom categories. For example, Transcripts, References, State Applications, etc. Your system’s document categories can be managed in Tools > Setup > Document Categories. For any assistance creating new document categories please contact our support team for guidance!

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Faculty (5)

Can Faculty members self-register?

Faculty are not able to self-register. It is the responsibility of the system’s Administrator to create accounts for new Faculty members. To create a new Faculty account, head to Database>Faculty>New. Complete the required information and then inform the Faculty what login information has been assigned to them. Consider telling the Faculty that they should reset their password once they have logged into their new account.

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Forms (7)

Can I rename a field?

Yes! To rename a field, navigate Tools > Setup > Forms. Select your Form Type – which is the record type your field is found on. For example, if you want to rename the field “Local Address” in your Student profile, select Student as your Form Type. Next you will choose your Form Item which should be the field you wish to rename. To change the name of the field, adjust the Display Text to suit your needs. Make any other necessary adjustments and then press save. Press refresh at the top of the page.

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Jobs (4)

How do I edit the Online Application Address field that appears in the Job Profile?

The Online Application Address field is actually stored on the Employer Profile, so you must go to the Employer profile to edit it. You will NOT be able to edit this field on the Job Profile page. Go to Databases > Employers > Search and search for the Employer that you are working with, then click on the Organization Name. You will now see this field about half way down the profile, click [edit] to update this information and “Save” to apply your changes.

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Mentors (8)

What is the purpose of the Mentors database?

The Mentor database allows for the community to be involved with the Career Center and Students. Most universities use the Mentors database to give their alumni a chance to connect with currently enrolled Students.

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Observations (5)

Is there anywhere in CSO to log Employer or Contact notes?

Yes, just as with Students, you are able to create observation notes for Employers and Contacts. To create an observation note for an Employer Contact, start by viewing the Contact’s profile and then click on View Activity link under the Page Functions menu to the Left Hand Navigation area. Click on the Observations tab and then click on [Add New Observation]. Now you can add your notes!

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Packets (3)

Where in the system can I create document packets?

Document packets can be created in various areas of the system. A list of where document packets can be created is listed below. Typically the option to create a document packet will appear at the bottom of your screen. On each of these pages, you will be able to include all records in your packet or select specific records by selecting the check box to the left of each record.

  • Student Search Results Page
  • Job Referral List
  • Student Event Registration List
  • Schedule Preselect List
  • Session Timeslots List
  • Schedule Wait List


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Placement (8)

What is are placement records?

Placement records are designed to track what positions your Students have been hired for. The information on placement records are customizable so that you can create a form to fit your offices needs. Administrators, Students, and Employer Contacts are able to create placement records. Placements records are also commonly known as “Report a Hire”.

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Referrals (3)

How do Employers know if a Student is interested in one of their job postings?

If the Employer’s job is set for Students to apply through the system, the system will create a referral record which provides the Employer with basic information about the Student and any documents the Student submitted as a part of their application. Employers are always able to log into your site to view referrals and can also opt to receive an email alert when new referrals are created for their job postings.

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Reports (2)

What are common reports?

Common reports are typically run on our primary databases – Student, Employer, Contact, Job, Career Events and Schedule databases. Here are some common questions that reports can help you answer.

Student Reports

  • How many and which students are in a particular major?
  • How many students logged in this week, month or year?
  • How many students haven’t logged in 2 years or more?

Employer Contact Reports

  • How many and which employer contacts have limited access to the system?
  • How many employer contacts logged in this week, month or year?
  • How many employer contacts haven’t logged in 2 years or more?

Job Reports

  • How many Active jobs do I currently have in my system?
  • How many Active, full time or internship positions do I currently have in my system?
  • All Active jobs for the day.
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Schedules (4)

What are the different schedule types?

Currently, Administrators can create four Schedule Types in the CSO System, and each type has a coordinating timeline. These types and their coordinating timelines will automate how and when the Students/Employers view/perform action on the schedule. Below is a description of each Schedule Type.

OPEN Involves a system screening process ONLY. Students who meet the requirements can sign up for an interview timeslot.

PRESELECT Involves a system AND Employer screening process. Students who meet the requirements of the job that is linked to the schedule can submit an interview request. Once the deadline is reached, employers review interview requests and make decisions on all interview candidates. Alternate interview candidates may be selected. Accepted candidates must wait to sign up for an interview until the sign-up date is reached. Alternate candidates must wait to sign up for an interview until the alternate sign-up date is reached.

PRESELECT CONTINUOUS Involves a system AND employer screening process. Students who meet the requirements can submit an interview request. The employer reviews interview requests and makes interview decisions on an ongoing basis. Alternate interview candidates may NOT be selected. Students can sign up as soon as an interview decision has been made for their interview request.

RESUME COLLECTION This type of schedule does not have an interview date. It is only used to collect resumes for employers. This is often used when employers will handle the interview scheduling on their own. It can also be used to see what type of interest students might have in the job posting. If enough resumes are collected, the employer might decide to go ahead and come on campus to conduct interviews. If this happens, the schedule can easily be changed to a Preselect schedule.

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Students (3)

Can I add more tasks to the student task list?

No, the task list is setup to remind students of specific actions that they can take in the system. Items in the task list are automatically generated by the system. If you have more specific things you would like to remind Students of we highly recommend using the Announcements section! Announcements allow you to create custom messages targeted to groups of students.

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Surveys (9)

How do I access the survey module?

You can access the survey module by going to Databases > Surveys and clicking on “Manage Surveys” on the left hand navigation bar. Make sure you have your pop-up blocker turned off as this will open in a new window.

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Uploads (10)

Why didn’t my uploads process?

There are a number of reasons that your upload may not have processed. One of the most common reasons uploads do not process is because the upload .csv file was not correctly formatted. If you are unsure of the correct format for your upload file, contact our support team for further assistance.

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General (4)

What does CSO stand for?

CSO stands for Career Services Online.

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Memos (1)

How do I customize a memo in my site?

To customize a memo in your site, you will need to head to Tools>Setup>Memos. Once here you will need to select the memo you’d like to edit and make your desired changes in the text box at the bottom of your page. After completing your customizations, be sure to click “Save” and then “Refresh” to apply your changes to your site.

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Email Templates (3)

Can I customize my automatic emails (system event emails)?

Yes, you can edit your automatic system emails. To view/edit your system emails, head to Tools > Setup > Templates. We have a tutorial to walk you through this process (below). Also, if you still need help with customizing your templates, please contact our support team.

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Codes (3)

How do I rename a code in my site?

To learn more about codes and how they can be customized in your site, watch the following tutorial video:

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Custom Fields (2)

What are Custom Fields?

Custom fields are fields designed by you! With custom fields you are able to decide the field’s name, preset values, and even where the custom field will appear in your site. To learn more about custom fields and how they can be customized in your site, watch the following tutorial video:

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Activity Log (9)

What is the Activity Log?

The Activity Log tracks various system activities, including audits, deleted records, and emails.

  • Audit Log – Run audit history on records throughout the system.
  • Delete Log – Run delete history on records throughout the system.
  • Email Log – Run history on emails and text messages sent through the system.
  • Email Queue – View emails scheduled to send from the system in the future.
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