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What is the Activity Log?

The Activity Log tracks various system activities, including audits, deleted records, and emails.

  • Audit Log – Run audit history on records throughout the system.
  • Delete Log – Run delete history on records throughout the system.
  • Email Log – Run history on emails and text messages sent through the system.
  • Email Queue – View emails scheduled to send from the system in the future.

What is the Audit Log?

Tools > Activity Log

The Audit Log is the first tab in the Activity Log that shows details on various actions taken in the system. The audit log includes timestamps on when an action was taken and by what user. As you go to run an audit log, you will have the opportunity to specify what system actions and user types to include in your report.

How do I generate an Audit Log?

To generate an Activity Log, go to Tools > Activity Log. The first tab to appear on your screen will be the Audit Log. This is where you will enter the type of activity you want to see, for example, Student logins during September, jobs created by Employers in the Spring, or Administrators who created placements on a certain day.

To run an Activity Log, you will need three pieces of information:

  1. Who performed the activity
  2. What activity they performed
  3. The activity target (optional)

Next you will specify date range of when that activity occurred (Tip: Do not enter a date range to see all instances of that activity). Once you have selected the parameters of your Audit Log, click Generate Log to retrieve the log. You can think of this process as if you are creating a sentence; the user source is the noun, the action performed is the verb, and the action target is the object. Some activity logs do not require an action target. Examples of these would be logged in or document uploaded.

When I generate an Activity Log, why do I get zero results?

Most likely, the activity you are trying to track does not exist in the site. For example, if you were to enter “Student Creates Job” you would receive zero results in your Activity Log since Students are not able to create jobs. Since there are no instances of Students creating jobs, your system would not have any results to display! If you receive zero results and believe you should have seen results, please contact our support team.

Why are there blank columns in my Activity Log report?

No matter the criteria you enter for an Activity Log, your results will appear in a set excel template. Because the result template is always the same, there will be some columns of information that are irrelevant to the information you requested. Information irrelevant to your Activity Log request will appear blank.

What is the Delete Log?

The delete log is an Activity Log report that shows what records have been removed from the system. The delete log will show what user deleted what record and at what time.

What is the Email Log?

The email log is an Activity Log report which shows what emails have been sent from the system. The email log will show the recipient’s email address, the sender’s account information, the time the email was sent, and whether or not there were errors with the email’s delivery.

What is the Email Queue tab on the Activity Log screen?

The email queue is a type of Activity Log report which shows what emails are scheduled to send from the system in the future. In addition to showing what emails are scheduled to send from the system, the email queue allows you to prevent scheduled emails from sending. So long as the email is not scheduled to send within 60 minutes of reviewing the email queue, there will be an option to remove an email from the email queue.

What is the difference between the Activity Log and generating a report?

The Activity Log is a quick snapshot of specific system activities. The information included in Activity Logs is set so that you cannot pick and choose what information is included. Reports can generate the same information as Activity Logs, however, they are more customizable and can provide data beyond that of an Activity Log.

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