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What is an announcement?

Announcements are customizable messages which appear on the home screen of your system. Announcement messages can be targeted to specific user types and can be set to activate and inactivate on specified dates. To help catch the eye of your users, announcements also allow HTML formatting.


How do I create an announcement?

To create an announcement, navigate to Tools > Announcements. This screen is your announcement dashboard. From here you can edit announcements or add new announcements. To add a new announcement, click on the “Add New Announcement” link in the left-hand navigation bar. From here, enter your message and press save.

How can I customize my announcements?

As you create or edit announcements, you’ll notice a number of built in formatting options available just above your announcement text box. If you want to take your announcements a step further than just traditional formatting, you may also use HTML coding to insert images into your announcement or make the text of your message scroll. Tips on HTML are easy to find on the internet by searching for “HTML codes”. Please contact support if you would like more information on customizing your announcements.

Can I target announcements by user types?

Absolutely! Different users can be targeted by adjusting the “Publish To” dropdown on the announcement setup screen. You may target your announcement by user type and for Students, you may even target by their Applicant Type or Major.

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