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How do I start using the Appointment Scheduler?

The Appointment Scheduler has a number of setup requirements therefore we recommend you contact our support team to get started. In general, the Appointment Scheduler tool requires you to create Appointment Types, setup Administrator Availability, and setup Administrator Unavailability.

Is there more than one way to create appointments?

There are two ways you can setup your Appointments in your site. Appointments by day of the week, or Appointments by individual date. You should decide which option to go with during the setup process, since it is a universal setting. We recommend setting it to Day of the Week.

What are common Appointment Types?

Appointment types vary depending on the needs of your office. Common Appointment Types are: Resume Review, Cover Letter Review, Job Counseling, Changing Major, Graduate School Counseling, Career Planning, etc.

Is the Appointment Scheduler an additional fee?

The Appointment Scheduler tool is free to Professional systems but is not available for either Basic or Job Board systems. If you are a Basic or Job Board system, contact our sales team for more information on updating to a Professional site.

How do Administrators setup their availability?

If the value for Tools > Setup > Settings > System – Appointments – Build Slots by Day of Week is True:, then each administrator can setup their availability on a defined schedule and for each appointment type.

What if I want to setup my availability on an individual date basis?

This means that the setting to “Build Slots by Day of the Week” is set to false. It will allow each administrator to create appointment blocks individually.

How do administrators setup their unavailability if using availability by day of the week?

Admins can certainly add unavailability for a particular date/time they are unavailable. The admin should apply it to their own availability. In addition, the admin has the opportunity to “Apply to All Administrators Availability”. This is a good option for Christmas Break and Spring Break when everyone is out of the office.

How do Students make appointments?

The Student will have a Quick Link in their home page titled “Make Appointment”. Once the Student clicks on it, they will have the option to choose the appointment type and click on the date/time for a particular admin that is available.


Can I setup multiple availabilities at the same time as an administrator?

Yes, each administrator can apply their availability to multiple appointment types. However, the availability has to be added to each appointment type.

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