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Co-op/Intern evaluations are not sending

There are several things that could have prevented your co-op/intern evaluations from sending- check the options listed below:

  • Navigate to the co-op/intern record and make sure that an evaluation survey is selected in the Evaluation section of the record.
  • In the Evaluation section of the co-op/Internship record ensure that a Start and End date for the evaluation have been set and that that date is correct.
  • Ensure that you have a Contact linked to the co-op/intern record and that both the linked Contact and Student have valid email addresses.



Why can’t I see a pending co-op/intern record in my pending bin?

Your co-op/intern pending bin only shows Students who are either linked to you as the Primary or Secondary Advisor OR have no linked advisor. If this Student has another Administrator set as either their Primary or Secondary Advisor you will not see their co-op/intern record in your pending bin. Also, keep in mind that your pending bin only shows records that have a status of “Pending”. If the record you are looking for has been set to Active or Inactive, it will not display in your administrative pending bin.

How does a Student report a co-op/intern hire?

When Students log into your system, they will see a “Report a Co-op/Intern Hire” link under the “I Want To?” menu on the left hand side of their screen. Please note that the “Report a Co-op/Intern Hire” link can be renamed and therefore may read differently in your site depending on what your office decided on during your co-op/internship module implementation.

Can Students report more than one co-op/internship per term?

Yes, Students are able to report more than one co-op/internship per term. By default your site is set to only allow 1 co-op/internship per Student per term; however, this may have been adjusted during your site’s implementation of the co-op/internship module. If you would like to check or adjust your system’s setting, you will need to head to Tools > Setup > Settings and locate the “System – Co-op/Internships – Maximum Internships per Term” setting. Click [Edit] to the right of this setting and then enter the maximum number of co-op/internship records your Students should be able to report per term. Once you have adjusted your setting, be sure to click [Update] to apply your changes. Note: if you would like to allow Students to report an unlimited number of Co-op/Internship per term, enter “0” in your “System – Co-op/Internships – Maximum Internships per Term” setting.

Can I have approvers for the co-op/internship who are not in the system?

Yes, you are able to have co-op/internship approvers that are not in your system review and approve co-op/internship records. In fact, you have the ability to add up to 6 non system users as a Student’s co-op/internship approver. Just as with your other approvers, the non system approvers will receive an automated email requesting their approval of a Student’s co-op/internship record. The only bit of information you’ll need to add a non system approver is their email address and our team will help you setup the rest.

What do I do if an approver has “Rejected” a Student’s co-op/internship record?

If a co-op/internship record has been rejected by an approver, you will want to take the following steps to reinitiate your Student’s co-op/internship approval process. Keep in mind that if a co-op/internship record is rejected, the approval process is paused until it has been reinitiated by an Administrator.

When a co-op/internship record has been rejected, you will want to reach out to the approver to understand why the record was rejected- especially if the approver did not make a note as to why the record was rejected. Most likely you will also need to reach out to your Student to discuss why the record was rejected and as an Administrator correct the Student’s co-op/internship record. Once your Student’s co-op/internship record has been revised, you will need to reinitiate the approval process from where it left off. To reinitiate the approval process, open the co-op/internship record and navigate to the “Approval Work Flow” section of the record. Once here, click the “Reset” link seen to the left of the approver’s information. By clicking the “Reset” link you are retrigger the approval workflow email requesting that your approver re-review the Student’s co-op internship record. Take note that your entire approval process does not need to be repeated but rather just continued from where it left off. In other words, you only need to retrigger the approval notification to the approver that rejected the record in the first place. Once that approver approvers the co-op/internship record, the approval process continues as it should.

Can I create a co-op/internship record as an Administrator?

Yes, Administrators are able to create co-op/internship records. To create a co-op/internship record, you will need to go into the Student’s profile record and click the “View Activity” link in your left Page Functions menu. Once here, click on the co-op/internships tab and click the “Add To Timeline” link in the upper right hand corner of this section. After completing the co-op/internship record to the best of your ability, the co-op/internship record will be automatically linked to your Student’s account.

When a Student or Employer takes a co-op/internship evaluation survey, are their answers stored in the system?

Yes, all co-op/internship evaluation responses are stored in the system so that they can be accessed from either the co-op/internship record or from running a report. To view evaluation responses from a co-op/internship record, simply open the co-op/internship record, navigate to the record’s Evaluation section and click the link which says “View” and the evaluation’s name. To run a report on your evaluations so that you can see all of the term’s evaluations at once, you will need to run a “Student-Document” report from Tools>Reports.

How can I mark a survey for use in the co-op/intern system?

To use a survey as a co-op/internship evaluation you will need to go to Databases > Surveys and click [Edit] next to your survey. Set the User field to either Student or Contact (depending on which user type the evaluation was designed for) and set the Co-op/Intern box to True. After your survey has been set to use with the Co-op/Internship module, your survey should appear as an option in either the Student or Employer evaluation dropdown menu in the Evaluation section of your co-op/internship records. Note that surveys marked for Student users appear in the Student evaluation dropdown list and surveys marked for Employer users appear in the Employer evaluation dropdown list.

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