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Can Employer Contacts opt in or out of the Employer directory for Students?

Yes, Employer Contacts are able to decide if they wish to be included in the Employer Directory for Students. There is a field in both the Employer and Contact profiles that will allow the Employer Contact to choose whether they want their company information and/or their personal information visible in the Employer directory for Students. To hide either the Organization or Contact’s information from the Employer Directory, simply set the corresponding “Include in Employer Directory” field to No.

What is the difference between Contact and Employer accounts?

The Employer profile/account represents the organization while the Contact profile/account represents the actual user from that organization that will be using your system. Employer accounts will often have several linked Contacts. For example, an Employer profile may be “Dunder Mifflin Paper Company” and the Contact profiles linked to that account would be “Michael Scott” and “Dwight Schrute”.

How does an Employer Contact create their account?

If your system is set to allow open registration, Employer Contacts simply need to click the “Click here to Register” link on the Employer login page:
A new Contact’s first step in the registration process is to search for their Organization’s Employer profile to link their account to. If the Contact’s Organization does not exist in your site, the Contact is able to create an Employer profile for their organization as well. By default, all new Contact records appear in your Administrative Pending Bin for approval.

Do I have to approve all new Contacts?

By default each new Contact record requires Administrative approval; however, if you wish to have all Contact profiles automatically approved, please contact our support team for assistance with this setup.

How does a contact create a job/internship posting?

Contacts create new job/internship postings by navigating to Jobs> New Job from their top navigation menu. Any job/internship record created by an Employer Contact will automatically be linked to their user account. By default, all new job/internship postings will come into your Administrative Pending Bin for approval. If you would prefer not to approve each individual job/internship record submitted by Contacts, contact our support team for assistance on how to do this.

How do I limit what an Employer Contact can access in my site?

Each type of user accessing your site is granted a specific set of permissions telling the system what the user can and cannot do. The permissions granted to different user types is controlled by you and is customizable. If there are user permissions you would like to adjust, contact our support team for further assistance.

An Employer Contact is unable to access their account.

If an Employer Contact is unable to access your site, first, make sure that Employer Contact has an account in your site. You can check if the user exists in your site simply by searching for the Contact in Databases>Contact>Search. If the Contact has a profile in your site, you should then make sure that both the Contact’s profile and Employer Profile linked to the Contact have Active statuses. If everything seems in order with the accounts, contact our support team for further assistance.

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