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Can I create a new Event Type?

No, the system has certain set Event Types that cannot be renamed or added to. The event type field is only visible to admins, so your Students and Employers will not be able to view this field. If you would like to add more customized options for your site, use the Event Category field as these codes are visible and searchable by Students and Employers

How do I create a new Event Type option?

The options that appear in the Event Type field are hardcoded and cannot be renamed or added to. The Event Type field is only visible to Administrators, so your Students and Employers will not be able to view this field. If you would like to add more customized options for your site, use the Event Category field as these codes are visible and searchable by Students and Employers

What are Event Types?

Event Types tell your system what kind of new event you plan to create. Your system has 5 Event Types, each with its own group of usable fields. The available types are: Career/Job Fair, Student Only Event, Employer Only Event, Information Session and Virtual Job Fair. For more information on what fields are available in each event type, download this spreadsheet.

Can I customize the Invoice/Receipt for a specific event?

Yes, you are able to customize the Invoice and Receipt used for your event. To customize your event’s Invoice and/or Receipt, click the customization tab on your event record. Once here, you’ll notice that a number of customization options are available. For example, you are able to customize the color, text, font, and even insert an image into your template. If your Invoice does not contain your office’s billing address, we most often recommend that this be added to the footer of your Invoice.

Do Students have to log into the system to view my event?

Events can be shared with users outside of your system through a feature we call “External Link”. An external link is basically a hyperlink that directs people straight to your event record. External links are designed for Students and must be used outside of the system. For example, if you would like to promote your event through a university newsletter or email blast, simply include the event’s external link in your marketing material. Take note that placing an external link within the system in an announcement or system memo will not work since the link is designed for users NOT logged into your system.

To create an event external link, open your event record and click the “External Link” option under your left Page Functions menu. After clicking the “External Link” option, the system will generate a custom link for this event. Copy and paste this event wherever you would like users to access it. Anyone can click on this link to view basic information about the event. Take note that users will NOT be able to register for the event without logging into your system. To help make this process easy for your Students, a “More Information” button will appear on the external link page. Clicking “More Information” directs users to your Student login page.

REMINDER: External Links are designed for Student users, not Employers.

Do Employers have to log into the system to view my event?

Yes, Employers must log into your site to view and/or register for your event.

Can I charge Employers or Students for an event?

Yes, event records allow you to setup various types of fees. CSO also offers Credit Card processing through the system – for more information on this contact support. To setup fees for your event, head to the Event Fees section of your event record. Once here, select a fee type from the “New Few” dropdown menu and click “Add”. After clicking Add, you are able to specify the details of your fee (i.e. the amount you would like to charge, a description of the fee, etc.). On this page, you’ll notice that you can have separate fees for Student and Employers and that you are also able to set early and late amounts for a fee that should vary in price according to the timeline of your event.

Can I accept credit card payments for my event?

CSO does offer credit card processing which can be applied to either job postings or even records. For more information on our credit card processing tool, please contact our support team.

Can I limit my event to only certain Students or Employers?

Yes, you are able to screen your event so that only certain users are able to search and view your event. To setup screening criteria for your event, you will need to head to the Requirements section of your event profile. In this section you can select qualifications for your registrants. Make sure to select the appropriate “Screen By” option to enable screening for the various qualifications you selected.


What is an approval packet?

An approval packet is a document that will automatically send to your Employers when you approve their event registration. To setup your event’s Approval Packet, you will first need create a word document with whatever information you’d like your packet to include. For example, your Approval Packet document may include a thank you letter from your office, a campus map, a summary of your event’s schedule, etc. Once you have created your word document, head to the Materials section of your event to upload it to your site. Once your document is uploaded make sure to check the Box for “Send as Approval Packet”. This checkbox is what different your Approval Packet from other materials you have uploaded to your event. On this screen, you can also select to send an Invoice with the Approval Packet. NOTE: Only ONE approval packet can exist per event!



How do I receive payment for event registration fees when using CSO Credit Card Processing?

Once you have collected ALL credit card payments for your event you will request a check from CSO. To request your check, click “Request Check” under the page functions menu on the left hand side of your event record. This check will be mailed to you for the full amount of credit card payments minus the 5% CSO processing fee. You can only request your check ONCE per event and it can be done at any time after your fees are collected.

The system will not allow me to Request a Check, how can I fix this?

The system will only allow you to request a check once all registrations that have selected Credit Card as the payment method have an Amount Due of 0.00. If you have any registrations with a remaining balance, you will not be able to request your check until it is resolved. To identify which registrations have a remaining balance, just click on your Employer or Student registration list and filter by the Amount Due column to find any with more or less than 0.00.

Why can’t I remove an event registration?

If Students or Employers have a payment method of Credit Card in their registration, the system will not allow you to remove their registration from your event because it would cause critical payment information to be lost. If this person has NOT paid yet you can change their payment method to check or cash and then you will be able to remove them. If they have already paid using their credit card you will NOT be able to remove the registration.

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