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Can Faculty members self-register?

Faculty are not able to self-register. It is the responsibility of the system’s Administrator to create accounts for new Faculty members. To create a new Faculty account, head to Database>Faculty>New. Complete the required information and then inform the Faculty what login information has been assigned to them. Consider telling the Faculty that they should reset their password once they have logged into their new account.

What can Faculty members see in the site?

The Faculty database is similar to that of Students except Faculty are able to search your Student database (which Students are not able to do). Faculty can view Students, Jobs, and Events; however, they cannot create, edit, or sign up for any of these records. Keep in mind that the permissions and access levels for all user types can be modified, therefore, if there is a particular part of the system you would like to hide from Faculty, contact our support team for further assistance.

What would I use the Faculty database for?

Most schools use the Faculty database as a marketing tool. It’s a good way to get the Faculty community involved so they can also help Students identify new opportunities or events that they should attend. A big perk to the Faculty database is that they have their own login page!

What role do Faculty members play in the co-op/intern module?

Each Faculty member can be linked to Student accounts so that they can keep track of a particular co-op/internship activity. Faculty can also be included in the Approval Process of a co-op/internship term.

Can Faculty members create Referrals?

No, Faculty members do not have the capability to create Referrals. (Admins, Employers, and Students are the only ones users that can create referrals). Although Faculty cannot create referral records, they are able to create Placement records.

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