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How do I limit which Students are able to create accounts in the CSO System?

The Firewall is a great way to control which Students are able to create accounts in your system. Essentially the firewall allows you to upload a list of Students approved to register in your system. Any time a new Student tries to register in your site, your system will check your firewall list to make sure that the new Student should be granted access to register. Your firewall will check whether a Student’s Student ID matches the ID that you uploaded in your approved list.

Do I have to add Students to my firewall one by one or can I upload a list of all Students I want to include?

The firewall tool allows you to add Students to your firewall one by one or in mass through an uploaded file. If there is just one or a few Students you want to add into the list, you can enter them in manually.

To manually add Students to your firewall, head to Tools>Firewall> Search. On the bottom portion of this screen, type the Student’s Student ID (SSN), First Name, Last Name and click “Add”. Repeat this process for any remaining Students. If there are many Students you’re looking to add your firewall, you can upload a list rather than having to manually submit each one.

To import a list of Students to your Firewall, you should first create a excel file with three columns of data. Your first column should be Student’s Student ID number, your second column should be Student’s First Name, and the third column should be the Student’s Last Name. Save your excel file as a .csv file. Once your file is set, head to Tools>Firewall>Import in your system. On this screen, select your .csv file to upload and click “Import Data”.

What is the difference between Firewall and Custom Student Uploads?

The Firewall is a tool used to grant certain Students permission to self register, while with Custom Student Uploads you are actually creating a Student’s account for them so that they do not have to self register. If you still want Students to register on their own into the system, then you will want to use Firewall, as that still requires Students to manually create their account and enter their information. If you have a list of Students and their personal information, then you may want to use a Custom Student Upload, as that will create the Student’s account for them, as well as populate their information into their profile.

If a Student is not in the Firewall, what happens when they try to register?

If a Student not in your firewall tries to register, an error message will appear telling them they are not be permitted to continue. This message can be customized in Tools > Setup > Memos.

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