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What does CSO stand for?

CSO stands for Career Services Online.

Where can I find the support page?

You can find the support page at You may also reach the CSO support page by clicking the Help menu when logged into your site as an Administrator.

How can I contact support?

There are three ways to contact support. You can call us at 866-705-4201 ext. 1, you can log on to Live Chat, or you can email us at Also, on your admin homepage, you can click on the “Help” menu item to quickly access the support webpage!

Is there any way I can have live training?

Yes! We hold monthly webinars with new topics each month. If you can’t make it to a live showing? We also record these webinars for your viewing convenience. You can find more information on our Training Webinar page. If you’d like to request an on-site training, please contact our support team for further information or visit the On-Site Training page.

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