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How do I edit the Online Application Address field that appears in the Job Profile?

The Online Application Address field is actually stored on the Employer Profile, so you must go to the Employer profile to edit it. You will NOT be able to edit this field on the Job Profile page. Go to Databases > Employers > Search and search for the Employer that you are working with, then click on the Organization Name. You will now see this field about half way down the profile, click [edit] to update this information and “Save” to apply your changes.

Why can’t my Students view a job?

If Students are unable to view a job, there are a few things you’ll want to check in both the job record and the Student’s profile. Important things to check for:

  • Is the job active? Students can only see job that have an active status.
  • Is today’s date between the post and expiration date? Students can only see jobs that are between the post and expiration date.
  • Are any screening options enabled? If the Employer is screening, only qualified Students will be able to view the job.
  • Is the job linked to a schedule? If the job is linked to a schedule, the Student should access the schedule rather than the job.

Can I create specific Job Search menus for Students?

Yes, it is possible to create specific Job Search menus for Students. Possible additional Job Search menus can be used to only show Jobs requiring a certain Applicant Type (i.e. Work Study, Internship, or Co-op positions) or that only show job records of a particular status (i.e. Previous Job Postings). For assistance with this and to make sure it will work in your site, please contact support.

How does an Employer view Student applications?

There are a number of ways that Employers can view Student applications. By default, all Employers have the ability to log into their account, navigate to their job list and from there review any Student applications or “Referrals” submitted for their position. Employers may also receive an email notification of a Student’s application. In the job record, there is a field called “Online Referrals Notify Employer”. If the Employer set this field to true, they will receive an automatic email alerting them that a Student has applied. The email alert will include some basic information on the Student as well as any documents the Student submitted as a part of their application.

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