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Can I personalize mass emails with merge fields?

Yes, you are able to personalize mass emails with merge fields. To get started, begin creating a new mass email from Tools>Mass Email>New Mass Email. After you identify your mass email type and select your criteria for your new mass email, you will be asked “Would you like to add merge fields into the email.” Select the “Yes” radio button and click the Proceed button to go on to customize your email with merge fields. The next screen shows all of the possible merge fields that can be added to your mass email. Simply check those you wish to use (remember to utilize the “Database from which to add Mass Email Criteria field) and press continue. On your final setup page of the Mass Email tool you will see a box to the right of your screen labeled Merge fields. To insert your Merge fields into your mass email, you should copy the text within the box and paste that text into the area of your message that you wish for that merge field to appear.

Note: The merge fields must be copied from the Merge Field box and pasted into your email’s message!

How can I send emails through the system?

To email groups of users, you will use the system’s Mass Email tool (Tools > Mass Email). You can also send an email to a group of users in your search result list (the option to this appears at the bottom of your search result list); however, keep in mind that emails sent from search results are limited to 500 recipients.

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How can I send an email to specific people?

In the process of setting up a Mass Email (Tools>Mass Email>New Mass Email), the Criteria screen is where you can choose which recipients will receive your email.

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Can I send attachments with my mass emails?

Yes, you can include attachments with your mass emails. On the final page of the mass email setup, you will be allowed to add attachments to your email message. The option to add attachments will appear towards the bottom of your screen after your email’s body message.


Can I save/edit a mass email that I created?

Yes! The last step of creating a mass email will ask if you want to Send Email, Send Email and Save, or Save Email. By choosing either of the Save options, it will save a copy of the email to the system for future use. If you ever want to come back and edit a saved email/template, you can find it in Tools > Mass Email > Search.

What is mass email template?

Within the Mass Email tool you are able to save your email message as a template. A mass email template is designed to be accessed from individual user profiles. For example, if you have a specific message that you regularly send to users on an individual basis you are able to save that message as an email template and then access it from individual user accounts. You are able to access your email templates by clicking on the email address within your user’s profile. To help illustrate how this tool is used, let’s say that you have a special email you like to send to Employer Contacts after they have attended an on campus event. Rather than having to retype that email each time you need a copy sent, you are able to save your message as a mass email template, open the profile of your valued Employer, click the Email address of your Employer Contact and select your email template to send! Now if you need to send this email in mass- say for a career fair, you would be better off sending a mass email to all Employers that attended your event.

I’m getting a message that says I can only send a mass email to 500 Students. Why is that?

This message will only appear when sending a mass email through a Student search. If you know you’ll be sending an email to more than 500 recipients, we suggest that you send your email from the Mass Email tool found in Tools>Mass Email.

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