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Where in the system can I create document packets?

Document packets can be created in various areas of the system. A list of where document packets can be created is listed below. Typically the option to create a document packet will appear at the bottom of your screen. On each of these pages, you will be able to include all records in your packet or select specific records by selecting the check box to the left of each record.

  • Student Search Results Page
  • Job Referral List
  • Student Event Registration List
  • Schedule Preselect List
  • Session Timeslots List
  • Schedule Wait List


Can Employers create document packets?

Yes, the system has the ability to allow Employers to create document packets. This feature like most features in the system can be disabled if you would prefer for your Employers not to create document packets.

Can I add my logo to the cover page of a document packet?

Yes, you are able to add an image to the cover of document packets. To add an image/logo to your document packets, you will need to head to Tools > Setup > Templates and find the document packet you would like to customize. If you see a little blue man icon next to your template click this, if not click on the Microsoft Word icon – this will cause the default packet to download. Insert your logo into the header of this document and save it to your computer. Now go back into your site and click [Edit] next to this template name, click [Upload] and select the updated document you just saved. Click Upload and Refresh and you should be all set!


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