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How do Employers know if a Student is interested in one of their job postings?

If the Employer’s job is set for Students to apply through the system, the system will create a referral record which provides the Employer with basic information about the Student and any documents the Student submitted as a part of their application. Employers are always able to log into your site to view referrals and can also opt to receive an email alert when new referrals are created for their job postings.

Can I create a schedule based on the students that have applied to a job?

Yes, job referrals can be used to create preselects for a schedule. To make job referrals schedule preselects, you will need to select “yes” in the “Create preselect records based on referrals” field which appears when you create a new schedule for an existing job record. To create a schedule for an existing job record, simply click the “Create Schedule” link in your left navigation while viewing your job record.

Can I limit which referrals a student can see?

Absolutely! There is a setting which controls which referrals a Student can see. Students can either see all referrals, or they can be limited to only see self-referrals.

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