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Student Version 2.0

How do I upgrade to Student Version 2.0?

It is very easy to update to the latest version of the Student face! Please contact support team to schedule an upgrade time and for more information.

Can I change the colors in my site?

Yes! We offer six free color themes. For more information on color themes, click here.


What steps should I take before updating to Student Version 2.0?

Before updating your site to the latest version of the Student face, make sure you have gone through your preview site and feel comfortable with the following:

  • The look of your site banner.
  • The memos seen throughout your Student site account for new processes (please pay special attention to your search pages. Instructions currently provided in search memos may no longer be applicable after you have updated).
  • You have submitted a logo for your mobile site (images should be 175 x 80 pixels).
  • You have tested the functionality of your preview site and find that all fields, codes, and data appear as they should!

What is the cost of updating to Student Version 2.0?

There is no additional cost to update to Student Version 2.0! To learn more about how to update your site, contact our support team for more information.

What is Student Version 2.0?

Student Version 2.0 is a cosmetic update to the Student side of your site. While most functions and operations will remain the same, Students are able to experience a more streamlined and modern version of your site. For more information on Student Version 2.0 and how to update, click here.

Will my site experience any downtime if I update to Student Version 2.0?

No, your site will not experience any downtime as it is updated to Student Version 2.0! To update your site to Student Version 2.0, you will need to contact our support team who will run through a check list of items with you. Once you have decided to update, you will schedule an update time with our Services Team. At your scheduled update time, your system will instantly convert to Student Version 2.0 without any system slowness or downtime.

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