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Can I add more tasks to the student task list?

No, the task list is setup to remind students of specific actions that they can take in the system. Items in the task list are automatically generated by the system. If you have more specific things you would like to remind Students of we highly recommend using the Announcements section! Announcements allow you to create custom messages targeted to groups of students.

Can I send out a mass email to Students from the Student search results screen?

Yes! You can send out a mass email to Students on your search results page by clicking the Mass Email button at the bottom of the Student search result page. The Student search result email tool will email ALL students in your search results, up to 500 records. This email option can only send to 500 records at a time. If you want to send to more than 500 just use the regular Mass Email menu (Tools > Mass Email > New Mass Email).

Do all Employer and Contacts appear in the Employer directory to Students?

No, not all Employers and Contacts appear in the employer directory to Students. Only Employers and Contacts that have said they want to be included in the Employer Directory will appear in the Employer Directory for Students.

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