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How do I access the survey module?

You can access the survey module by going to Databases > Surveys and clicking on “Manage Surveys” on the left hand navigation bar. Make sure you have your pop-up blocker turned off as this will open in a new window.

How do I create a survey?

To create a survey, you must first enter the survey module from Databases>Surveys and click on “Manage Surveys” link in your left navigation panel. Once you’ve entered the survey module, click the [Create New Survey link towards the top right of your screen. You will then need to select if you would like to create a survey from scratch or copy an existing survey. Once you have completed this step, you may begin adding your questions! Take a look at the help page within the survey module (on the left hand side of each page) for information on how to create questions.

Can I customize the look of my survey?

Yes! The survey module will allow you to create templates which allow you to decide the colors, fonts, size and layout of your surveys. Templates can be created by clicking on the “Template” option in the upper right hand corner of the Survey Module.

Can Students take surveys through their Student login?

Yes, Students are able to take surveys from within your CSO system. Once you have created your survey in the survey module, head to Databases> Surveys to view your system’s survey list. From here, locate your survey and click [Edit] to the right of your survey name. Now set the survey’s User to “Student” and the Active box to “True”. If you would like for Students to receive a popup alert prompting them to complete your survey when they log into your site, you should set the survey’s Prompt setting to “True” as well. Note: If your survey is not set to prompt Students, Students will need to navigate to their left “I want to…” menu and click “Take Survey”.


Can I send surveys to people who are not in my system?

Yes! The survey module can generate a unique link for your survey which can be shared with users outside of your system. To create a link for your survey, you will need to go into the survey module and click on the Deploy icon next to your survey (this icon looks like an envelope).Once on the deploy options page, look to the top box for your survey’s email link. Copy and paste this link to your email, website, or wherever you would like users to access your survey!

Can I run reports on survey data?

Yes, you are able to run CSO system reports on survey data if the users that took the survey logged into your site to complete the survey. Any users who took the survey through the survey’s email link will not appear in the CSO system report. Keep in mind that you must share the survey’s email link with users- it is not something they would have stumbled upon on their own. Also, don’t forget that you are able to run reports on all survey responses from your survey module (no matter if the user completed your survey from logging into your CSO system or not). To view survey data in the survey module, navigate to Databases>Surveys and click on the “Manage Surveys” link in your left navigation menu. Once here, click the Analyze icon to the right of your survey name.

How can I view the results of my survey?

To view your survey’s responses, navigate to the Survey Module (Databases>Surveys> Manage Surveys) and click on the Analyze icon (looks like a little graph) to the right of your survey name. The analyze survey function will take you through the steps to export your data into an excel file.


Who can take surveys through the system?

In order for users to take your survey through the CSO system, the user must be either a Student, Contact, or Faculty user and must have an account to log into your system.

Who can receive a pop-up alert to complete a survey?

The pop-up surveys within the system are available for Students, Contacts and Faculty.

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