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Why didn’t my uploads process?

There are a number of reasons that your upload may not have processed. One of the most common reasons uploads do not process is because the upload .csv file was not correctly formatted. If you are unsure of the correct format for your upload file, contact our support team for further assistance.

Why weren’t some Students uploaded in my import?

There are a number of reasons why records in your upload may have skipped. To see what might have occurred with your upload import, navigate to your system’s upload log in Tools >Upload > Upload Tasks. Once here, click your upload’s task name. A popup window will appear which will account for every line of your import file. Scan your upload log for any errors and correct the stated error before reattempting your import. If you are unsure of what error your system is reporting, please feel free to contact our support team for further assistance.

What information is necessary to import new Student records?

To create new Student records, your upload file should include: First Name, Last Name, Username, and Password. The Student’s Applicant Type is also recommended but this is not necessary if it is defaulted in your site. If you are unsure of whether Students’ Applicant Types are defaulted in your site, you may include it in your file anyway or contact or support team for further assistance.

Can I upload data for custom fields?

Yes! With the Custom Student Upload tool you are able to import to system default fields as well as custom fields!

Do the field names need to match exactly?

Unlike code names, field names do not have to be an exact match in order for your import to run. Although the system does not require your field names to be an exact match, we do recommend you match these values so that the system will automatically map your import for you.

What is the file format for uploads?

Your import file needs to be a .CSV file in order to properly process.

What is the difference between Custom Student Uploads and Basic Uploads?

The Custom Student Upload tool allows for more flexibility with what information you import and how that information is organization in your upload file. Unlike the basic student upload which uses very specific formatting in the header, the upload file for a custom upload only contains a field header row and the data itself. The columns in a Custom Student Upload file do not have to be in a particular order or match system names.

Why do I have to upload my import file twice?

When importing a file for Custom Student Uploads, you’ll notice that you are required to upload the same file in two different areas of your site. The first upload (Tools>Upload>Student Custom Upload Project) creates a template for your upload project, so that you can use different files in the same format multiple times. Most people forget the format used in previous projects and therefore just create a new project with each import. The Upload Project function only looks at the mapping of your import. While the second upload (Tools>Upload>Upload Task) is used to schedule your import and will actually look at the data in your file. The Upload Task will need to match the format of your upload project- which is why the same file is often uploaded twice!

Why am I getting an error message when uploading my file?

If you are getting an error message when uploading your import file, your upload file is probably in an incorrect format. Keep in mind that your upload file must be in a .CSV format. An error may also occur is if you have duplicate columns headers in your import file

What can I match on to identify my Students for import?

For the system to identify your Students for import, your import file must include one of the following three identifiers: Username, Record ID, or SSN (Student ID). The Student identifier included in your import file will be used by the system to identify which records are existing in your site and need updating and which records in your import file do not exist in your site and should be created.

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