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CSO Connect

Your current employers and new employers want the ease of sharing jobs and recruiting opportunities directly with your school via CSO Connect. Employer relationships are critical, and by following the steps below you’ll provide your employers with streamlined, easy access to your office, encouraging them to post more jobs, and recruit more frequently. Additionally, new employers will be able to find and directly contact your office more easily – enhancing your ongoing employer outreach efforts!

  • Review your Pending Contacts daily >
  • Review your Pending Jobs daily >
  • Map your CSO System Code Values to CSO Connect Code Values >

1. Review your Pending Contacts daily

Pending Contacts bin contains both:

  • Existing Employer Contacts in your CSO System working to unify their existing CSO school accounts, and
  • New Employer Contacts wanting to recruit your students through your CSO System.

Did you know? When creating an account, every Employer Contact in CSO Connect must:

  • Provide complete contact information,
  • Indicate they will abide by the NACE Principles for Professional Practice, and
  • Identify whether or not they are a third-party recruiter.

You asked for it – we listened!

Below is a screenshot showing where to review and approve all Pending Contacts in your CSO System. Be sure to review the Contacts under both tabs: Pending Contacts and Pending CSO Connect Contacts.

CSO Connect - Pending Contacts

2. Review your Pending Jobs daily

Employers post jobs when they need candidates. Since job and internship postings are time-sensitive and perishable, the longer they sit in your Pending Bin, the less time your students will have time to compete for them. Give your students the chance to compete for new jobs and internships as soon as they become available by reviewing your Pending Jobs daily. Your students will thank you, and so will your employers!

Below is a screenshot of where you can find and review all Pending Jobs in your CSO System. Be sure to review the Jobs under both tabs: Pending Jobs and Pending CSO Connect Jobs.

CSO Connect - Pending Jobs

3. Map your CSO System Code Values to CSO Connect Code Values for maximum efficiency

You only have to perform this step once! Once you have mapped your majors, industries and other key code values to their related values in CSO Connect, your CSO System will remember your mapping preferences as Employer Contacts post new jobs and internships through CSO Connect.

Very Important: If you map your code values for Major to those in CSO Connect, you will only receive jobs from CSO Connect that align with the Majors you mapped. Pretty slick, huh!

Below is a screenshot of the Code Mapping page. To access this page in your CSO System, go to CSO Connect > Code Mapping.

CSO Connect - Code Mapping