Happy New Year! I wanted to take this opportunity to share a quick GradLeaders update.

One of our goals in bringing together CSO Research and MBA Focus to form GradLeaders was to make it easier for students and employers to connect through college and university career centers, hence our tagline, "we power student and employer connections."

So, as 2016 gets underway - what are our long-term plans to make your life easier?

Over the next year our software will evolve as we blend the very best of GTS (the MBA Focus career center platform) with the very best of the CSO System to create a single, best-in-breed software solution for connecting students and employers through career centers - GradLeaders Career Center.

Some schools will adopt GradLeaders Career Center very early in the process; as early as this month. These schools will be on the forefront of our product innovation.

Others will adopt GradLeaders Career Center later in the year, but still in time for the start of the 2016-17 school year. And still others will adopt it later in the year and beyond. It will take some time to migrate all clients onto the upgraded software smoothly and efficiently, so the CSO System and GTS will continue to function and be supported throughout the migration process. Of course, our Client Services Team will be there to assist you along the way.

And then more immediately, how is GradLeaders making your life easier?

As you are aware, we recently launched an all-new national system for connecting undergraduate students with employers through their career centers. This new Global Focus Undergrad recruiting system provides your students (and you) access to employers who are not already recruiting on your campus.

We added "Global Focus Undergrad" to the My Connections options for all students and included a badge on the left navigation bar for students. And just recently, we completed the Administrator Dashboard so that our school partners can see the employers and jobs in this new system along with your students' activity.

The more students that register, the better source of talent it will be for the employers recruiting new college grads. The more students get jobs, the more credit your career center will get for facilitating those connections.

To increase the volume of students using this new resource, we would like to email your students on your behalf and invite them to go into your CSO System and co-register with Global Focus Undergrad powered by GradLeaders. A draft copy of the letter is attached. We hope this effort will increase student usage of your services and increase the number of students taking advantage of the GradLeaders student recruitment network.

Click here to learn more: https://www.gradleaders.com/invite-my-students/

2016 will be an exciting year of growth and opportunity for GradLeaders and all of our clients. We are thrilled to be your partner in connecting students and employers.

Best regards,

Jack Gainer, CEO, GradLeaders