> The Outcomes Survey®

The national standard for career outcomes data collection

The Outcomes Survey® is a turn-key first destination survey system used by U.S. colleges and universities to collect career outcomes data on their graduates that can be used for accreditation, admissions recruiting, career advising and federal reporting. The Outcomes Survey® was designed to meet prevailing standards for institutional research, and has been approved by Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) at multiple institutions.

The Outcomes Survey® enables schools to gather data on graduates’ career outcomes, their level of engagement in the process of seeking a first destination after college, the impact of experiential education on their career outcomes, their satisfaction with their first destination, and their personal and professional motivation in pursuing a career. In addition to these nationally standardized question sets, schools can ask custom questions unique to their campus.

Schools using The Outcomes Survey® have real-time access to all of their data via an administrator dashboard; get pre-formatted campus-level reports at graduation, three-months, six-months and one year; and get aggregate national reports at six months and one year.