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The Campus Career Coach

The Coach tackles the topic of personal budgeting for students!Creating a personal budget

With summer upon us, recent graduates are busily searching for career opportunities and the Campus Career Coach offers a variety of valuable free resources to assist in their efforts! This recent post from the Coach provides hands-on compensation and budgeting advice helpful for any major – check it out!

If you haven’t done so already, consider adding the Campus Career Coach badge to your career services website for easy access by your students and graduates!

Highlights from the CSI West 2015 Career Services Technology Panels

CSO’s Matt Berndt and Mason Gates had the opportunity to be part of CSI West’s career services technology panels held at Stanford and the University of Oregon where they discussed big data and career management systems.  These CSI West events were filled with great conversations – below are a few highlights!  You can see more pictures and follow the full conversation on Twitter with the hashtag #CSIWest15.


Most Popular Articles in 2015 from The Campus Career Coach

The Campus Career Coach

And don’t forget to add The Campus Career Coach badge to your career services website!

Effectively Facilitating Career Services Operations with Enterprise Career Services Software

The Case for Enterprise Career Services Software - 2015

Download the PDF!

“Periodically, career center directors ask us for assistance in making the case for the CSO System to their senior administration and other key influencers on campus. As the purpose and benefits of career services are not always widely understood at all levels and in all departments across campus, we work to provide insight into the critical importance of effectively providing career services. Following is our executive summary case statement. Please feel free to use and adapt it to your specific campus needs.”

Matt Berndt, Vice President

The Campus Career Coach

Check out a few of this summer’s “Ask a Coach” questions and responses!

How should I disclose my disability to an employer?

How can I determine if my job will qualify as an internship?

How can I get back to a career in my field of study?

What can I do with a University Studies degree?

What majors are there for those who enjoy traveling?

How can an international student find work in aerospace engineering?

Are my age and lack of experience holding me back?

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The Campus Career Coach

What Does it Take to Get a Job at Google? [Infographic]

The Campus Career Coach provides a wide variety of excellent free resources to assist your students and graduates in their job searches. If you haven’t visited in a while, we encourage you to check out the Coach’s new look while enjoying this recent piece on getting a job at Google…

Everyone wants to work at Google and it’s not hard at all to see why.

With billions of dollars in revenue every year, Google is never shy in spending way beyond the norm to attract and retain the most talented people they can find. Read more »

What does it take to get a job at Google?